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Of course, for many women, for motorcycle with smooth, cool contours and heavy engines, the racing-style SUZUKI GSX-R series is highly popular among women thanks to its uniquely masculine style. The only single-headlight motorcycle from Japan’s big-four motorcycle makers, the GSX-R1000 boasts a streamlined body shape with elegant curves that appeals to women. Some people say that the GSX-R1000 is like a boyfriend on the side: handsome, with a rumbling four-cylinder engine, and a reliable feeling! The GSX-R1000 also features the lowest seat and lowest price tag among the racing-style motorcycles here.


5. KTM 390 Duke

This orange monster from Austria will definitely delight female riders that like to challenge themselves! At 830mm, the KTM 390 Duke’s seat is not exactly low, but the cushion and fuel tank are both slim, so that even shorter riders can easily get on and off. Despite its weight being only 149kg, the 390 Duke has a surprisingly strong and attractive pull. The bike handles well and its tires have good road grip, making it a great bike for sporty riders. The orange color makes it stand out among other motorcycles on the road, and girls love its spicy spirit!